Autumn 2019

The Plays

“The Autograph Hound” by James Prideaux . Lila Hooten is a full-blown eccentric who stands for hours outside every possible celebrity gathering place to get autographs. She is assisted by her daughter Cissie while her long suffering husband, Harry has faded into the background and ignored. One night, however, Harry decides that things need to change.

Directed by Helena Stout
Lila: Miriam O’Brien
Cissie: Julie O’Neill
Harry: Dave Foley

“The Death of Me” by Norm Foster. When John bargains with the Angel of Death for a second chance at life, he quickly discovers that fixing the mistakes of your past is difficult, and that perhaps his destiny is not yet etched in stone.

Director: Michael Giblin
Angel of Death: Chris Brogan
John Adderly: Chris Fenlon
Cassie: Leanne Reilly
Doctor: Thomas Appleby

“Specter” written by Don Nigro. On a rainy night a young professor drives on a twisted road through the woods, when he swerves into a ditch to avoid a girl in a white dress. What follows is a funny and frightening story about the relationship of desire to danger and the perils of relying on the kindness of strangers.

Director: Joe Canavan
Marla: Michelle O’Dea
Norris: Bob Tysall