“Standing on Ceremony” and “Love in a Glass Jar”

Standing on Ceremony (The Gay Marraige Plays)

written by Mo Gaffney,  Jordan Harrison, Moses  Kaufman, Wendy MacLeod,  Jose Rivera,  Paul Rudnick,  Doug Wright. Conveived by Brian Shnipper

Directed  By Michael Giblin

Cast In order of appearance

Mark Dooley, Chris Fenlon, Frances O’Connor, Julie O’Neill, Miriam O’Brien,  Michelle O’Dea, Debbie Chamberlin, Fiona O’Regan, Leanne Reilly, Vincent Casey, Jack Flanagan, Niall Hickey, Geraldine O’Brien, Edel Hutchinson, Viv Butler-Rees

A feel good compilation of short plays celebrating same-sex marriage.  These plays take on the moments before, during and after “I do”.   Witty, warm and occasionally wacky, these plays are vows to the blessings of equality,  the universal challenges of relationships and the often hilarious power of love.

Love in a Glass Jar

By Nancy Harris

Directed by  Bill Elliffe

Cast in order of appearance

Patrick  ……….   Dave Foley

Eve      ……….   Valerie Nohilly

Stage Manager. Gayle Thompson

Stage Crew.  Breda Donnellan, Mike Giblin,  Brendan O’Sullivan,  Eugene Molumby, Joe Bergin, Joe Canavan

A sterile liaison in a hotel room threatens to spill over into real life.

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